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In the Stones | Live Music Album

In the Stones | Live Music Album

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Explore the music behind In the Stones, featuring original cast, songs, arrangements and a few bonus tracks!

Track listing:

1. The Last Rose of Summer (Instrumental)
2. Voices Three
3. A Song of Enchantment
4. Erlkonig
5. Ding Dong Bell
6. The Last Rose of Summer
7. It's a Long Way to Tipperary
8. A Song of Enchantment Reprise (Instrumental)
9. I'll Weave Him a Garland
10. When a Knight Won his Spurs
11. Twas Beorhtric’s Days of Bold and Brash
12. Remember Me
13. Abide with Me
14. The World Shatters (Instrumental)
15. I'll Weave Him a Garland Reprise (BONUS)
16. Otherworldy Faere - Improv Jam (BONUS)

First performed in our 2021 season, 'In the Stones' by Sophie Haxworth and Mingma Hughes has been a hit with communities nationwide, not only for the tailoring of the script to local churches, but also for the inclusion of local performers and groups within the show, making it both a universal and personal.  

Written by Sophie Haxworth and Mingma Hughes.

Music Performed by Sophie Haxworth, Mingma Hughes & Jacob Thierry-Simpson.

Alongside original words, featured poets include Walter de la Mare, Goethe, Thomas Moore, Jan Struther, Christina Rossetti and Henry Francis Lyte.

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