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In the Stones | Illustrated Storybook (Ebook Edition)

In the Stones | Illustrated Storybook (Ebook Edition)

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Childe Rowland does not believe in stories, or anything so whimsical thank you very much. But when his sister runs widdershins around the church and vanishes to The Other Side of Things he may be forced to widen his worldview. Can he confront the reality of what he refuses to value in time to save her from the Erlking?

Now in storybook form, with original illustrations by Jasmine Silk, In the Stones tells the story of the parish church, and all the myth, magic and folklore remembered by its stones.

The stage production of 'In the Stones' by Sophie Haxworth and Mingma Hughes has been a hit with communities nationwide, not only for the tailoring of the script to local churches, but also for the inclusion of local performers and groups within the show, making it both a universal and personal.

If you are interested in hosting a performance of in the stones, email us at

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