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Become a Supporter (Mimi level)

Become a Supporter (Mimi level)

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Mime artist to Harpist in Saxon halls,
Their frollicking jollity brought joy to us all.

The underground English theatre movement of Norman-occupied England, a key part of our dramatic history!

In this membership, you can help us create more wonderful productions in unique venues and receive:

  • Access to the Troupe newsletter with updates about the charity and future plans.
  • An acknowledgement of your support in our annual report.

The suggested price of this membership is £6.25 per month. This can be paid monthly or annually, which we break down into a benefit price of 5p per month and a suggested voluntary donation of £6.20 per month.

By doing this, you can further help us by Gift Aiding the voluntary donation part of your membership - we will gain a further £25p for every £1 donated. We will be in contact once you become a member to understand whether you would like to Gift Aid your donation. You can find out more about Gift Aid here: Gift Aid.

If you wish to pay a different amount, please email us here: Contact Troubadour.

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