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Twelfth Night | 2020 | 2022

While the country has been in lockdown, we have been hard at work waiting for the opportunity to bring you live outdoor theatre once more. Rehearsing remotely and adhering VERY closely to government guidelines, we were thrilled to bring you Shakespeare's profound comedy of love, entanglement and troublesome twins to Wiltshire.

In such unprecedented circumstances our aim was to simply get to curtain up. However, the audience response was incredible. Despite being unable to sell tickets ahead of time, every show sold out (and we even added another to keep up with demand!).

This production was revived for our 2022 Tour. 

 2020 Troupe
Mingma Hughes Feste | Adapter and Music Composer. Director
Jasmine Silk Sebastian/ Fabian | Assistant Director, Producer
Megan Good Olivia/ Sir Toby Belch | Dramaturg, Assistant Director
Sophy Taylor Malvolio | Costume
Joe Davidson Duke Orsino/ Maria | Assistant Director, Producer
Lily Bower-Kail Viola | Head of Marketing
Cecilia Orr Andrew Aguecheek | Assistant Director, Props
Ostin D'Silva Producer
2022 Revival
Mingma Hughes Viola 
Jasmine Silk Feste
James Crellin Sir Andrew Aguecheek
Ruth Mestel Olivia/ Sir Toby Belch
Devane Boyd Duke Orsino / Maria
Annie Thorpe Malvolio / Sebastian


"At Troubadour we pride ourselves on making assets out of constrictions. The spaces we perform in are not ‘traditional’ venues (with all available amenities), and finding solutions to these unique problems forces us to create far more imaginative work. Never was this thesis so tested than when attempting to stage a show during a global pandemic. 

To ensure the safety of all involved most rehearsals took place over Zoom, followed by an intensive week of rehearsals proceeding the show dates. All members of the crew formed a household, and had roles both onstage and off, so we might perform without inhibition. In an incredibly short space of time we moved from solely virtual, text work to blocking to performances 

We were shocked, moved and thrilled by the audience response I will never forget the amazing amount of positivity surrounding the run. For the first time in months it felt like we, both crew and audience, were allowed to say ‘yes we can’."


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