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Stardust | 2017

In a desperate attempt to win the hand of the beautiful Victoria, young Tristran Thorn vows to retrieve a fallen star for her birthday. The oath sends him over the Wall to the magical kingdom of Stormhold; a world that is dangerous and strange beyond imagining...

Assistant Director
Lighting Design


Sophie Haxworth
Mingma Hughes
Olly Harris
Matt Randall
Olivia Younger
Sarah Dean
Issy Williams
Mingma Hughes



"When a location as enchanting and ripe with magic as Goldney Gardens arrives on your lap, it would be absurd not to let it come to life with an equally magical story - bringing Stardust here just made sense. Yet, setting a tale so full of impossibility - flying pirates, talking stars, magic in Suffolk - on such a natural stage lends itself to a particular kind of storytelling, running on the imagination that the place inspires. So the audience don't just watch this performance, they are complicit; they are placed within it.

The inverted in-the-round style puts the audience in the centre of the action so that the many journeys through Stormhold happen through and around the audience. In this show, you are as much a part of this mystical world as the characters are - and for the evening, you'll know that magic extends past the trees, old tower, winding path, and up into the night sky."

Sophie Haxworth (Director)


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