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Shakespeare’s First Folio – a monumental collection of his plays which include favourites like Macbeth, Twelfth Night and The Tempest – was first registered in the very heart of the Fleet Street area, within the historic Stationers Hall. Now, in the same historic surroundings, Troubadour Stageworks will brings these timeless works to life once again.

You will be taken on a seamlessly woven tale travelling through the forests of Arden, Athens and Rousillon, the high seas of Illyria and the castles of Glamis and Elsinore. Audiences should expect music, laughter, lovers and rivalry to sing through the streets that he once walked.

As Lady Lucy French described the show on BBC Radio London, Sept 23:
‘Troubadour Stageworks has put something together that is really so clever. It was written by the Artistic Director Mingma Hughes and it’s the story of the journey that the first folio took from The Stationers Hall to be printed so its really charting Isaac Jaggard’s journey. He’s just managed to get copyright all sorted out, he’s running to Edward Blount’s publishing house. He drops the First Folio.  He bumps into a lady called Elizabeth and the pages go everywhere. He's concerned ‘they are going to run out of time, they won’t be able to print the first folio and so its this journey, the 45 minutes is the journey of putting the first folio back together with all these wonderful excerpts from 36 different plays. It’s a whirlwind. It’s amazing. It’s a thing to behold.’

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