By Jeeves | 2018 - Troubadour Stageworks

By Jeeves | 2018

PG Wodehouse's iconic duo Jeeves and Wooster star in this musical comedy by Alan Ayckbourn and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Bertie, having mislaid his banjo, rounds up the usual suspects and narrates an impromptu tale of thwarted love and mistaken identity under the direction of the ever-patient Jeeves.


Assistant Producer

Musical Director

Cameron Scheijde
Elena Sirețanu
Ollie Smith
Daisy Hall
Abbie Jessop
Daniel Harris
Sarah Dean
Tom Younger



Does anyone even read these? Ah well, if you are, thank you. Doing this show was an immense pleasure; By Jeeves has always been one of my favourite musicals. It reflects my sense of humour; full of ridiculous slapstick, mistaken identity and sass. I acted in it when I was but a babe of year 10, facing the daunting task of playing Jeeves. So it was a joy to do it again with this cast and crew who were so ludicrously full of talent set within the large common room, Clifton Hill House was transformed into a village hall, with audience on three sides (thrust format without the main stage).

By Jeeves offers the difficult challenge of needing intentionally bad acting, and by embracing our sparse surroundings, interspersed with decorations reminiscent of village fetes, this deliberate need could be made a more... obvious choice!

Well done for reading this far. It either means you care about what I have to say or have time on your hands and have run out of website. Sorry about that. We’ll have more content soon. I hope. By Thermal Drawers!

Cameron Scheijde (Director)


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