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89 Nights: an original musical | 2018

Alice arrives in New York full of naïve hope, imagining what dreams the next 89 nights will bring. Through humour, song, laughter and wit, we look for the answer to that pessimistic question ‘if you know when it’s going to end, what’s the point in starting?’.

Our most ambitious project to date, this musical was written for the company. Following a sold out debut in London's West End in July, it was then very well received at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe. The cast recording is available on Spotify, and we are open to opportunities for further development.

"To write as well as direct a show, especially a musical with a live band, was a new experience. Yet the close relationship of creators and actors meant the show could evolve and blossom through our combined talents. Skills could be shown off, rather than be hidden or forced to fit a dead text. 

As our most ambitious project to date, there were naturally many challenges in directing 89 Nights. The most pressing was to direct a show with enough flexibility that it might fit into three very different spaces. Thanks to the adaptability of the cast this was not only achieved; the show excelled in all three venues. 

The magic of our New York was transported from a Bristol communal room to a London cabaret stage to an Edinburgh church basement. This was what I was most proud of; it proved my belief, and the company's founding idea, that a story can be matched to any space, if location is put at the forefront of process." 

Mingma Hughes (Writer and Director)

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