Romeo & Juliet | 2023 - Troubadour Stageworks

Romeo & Juliet | 2023

Full of music, fun, and romance - Troubadour’s Romeo & Juliet is suitable for all the family, re-telling Shakespeare’s classic with all the life and energy it deserves. 

Troubadour Stageworks is back with its sixth Shakespeare production, bringing their characteristic music, energy, and fast-paced approach to the bard to his most famous tragedy. With their in-depth understanding of the play and accessible approach, this is the perfect Shakespeare for all the family - life-long fans and first-timers alike!

In a city torn apart by conflict, two teenagers meet at a party and fall in love. Innocent, idealistic, and determined not to give up this feeling, there is no length that Romeo and Juliet will not go to to be together. But, can this new love bridge the old rivalry between Capulet and Montague? 

From the outlandish characters and petty dramas to a love so deeply felt that it can change a whole city, Romeo & Juliet is justifiably Shakespeare’s most famous love story.

Cast for 1:30pm  and 6:30pm on 29 July at Vann, Surrey

Romeo: James Crellin
Juliet/Tybalt: Mingma Hughes
Friar Laurence: Lewis Williams
Capulet: Edward Whately-Smith
Mercutio/Prince Paris: Jasmine Silk
Montague: Akshay Khanna


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